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QCCPA Meeting


April 9, 2009


Order of business was adopted.

Minutes from the March meeting were amended.  Correction is as follows:  The passed motion regarding the make up of the UPPC committee was moved to the ByLaws Committee for consideration and review.  Motion to approve the change in the March minutes was made and accepted.


Nomination of MCCC Director and Alternate:  No nominations from the floor.  Forward nominations in writing to the Nominations Committee.  The new ballot box is outside of the mailroom.


Remembrances of John Palmer.  His enormous contributions to the union were much appreciated.  Executive committee will purchase a tree or shrub to plant on campus in his memory.


MACER report:  Management reminded the committee that faculty must meet with classes during the final exam period even if no exam is given.

Management requested that fall textbook orders be submitted.

Management requested that faculty submit grades electronically.  It was pointed out by the Association that we are NOT required to do so. 

Parking (students parking in faculty lots) was discussed.


Discussion of a current case concerning how we deal with disruptive students. 


Online course assignments:  Steve Zona is asking for concerns with the assignment of online courses.  Please forward any concerns to him by Monday when the DE Macer team meets.  It was suggested that faculty who submitted online proposals and did not get selected should go to their Deans to ask for explanations.  It was suggested that filing a grievance over this issue will force management to develop an articulation of reasons.  The basis of the grievance is the arbitrary and capricious nature of the assignments, and it would be a Chapter grievance.  We hope for a clear articulation of the decision-making.

Agreement to file a chapter grievance.


Meeting adjourned at 3:05pm.