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From: Donnie Mcgee []
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 11:17 AM
To: Sullivan, John;;;; Margaret Wong;;
Cc: Sullivan, John; O'Neill, Joseph; MBCC.Faculty; MBCC.UnitProfessional
Subject: Re: Day contract-related news


Dear John,


Thank you for your thoughtful and passionate response. 


The Executive Committee is well aware of the legal, economic, and political concerns that you have shared. We, too, understand that the strength of this union - its vitality and existence - depend on good faith bargaining and strong leadership that will safeguard the working conditions, salaries, and professional lives of our MCCC members.


As you clearly noted, revenues have shown some increase in the very recent short-term, but the state is certainly far from recovered - due to the structural deficit budget hole that it has dug for the past decade (its other "big dig") and the effects of a global recession of epic proportions. Despite that recession, we know that our community colleges, our faculty and professional staff  have been paying a heavy price for such deficits for far too long. Though our colleges and our members serve and enrich our communities and in effect are key to the economic recovery of this Commonwealth, public higher education has been chronically underfunded for many years. Since allocations to higher education represent a discretionary source of state funding, all of us have had to suffer the consequences for the state's failure to support our campuses. But the Executive Committee members agree that this should not continue.


On Friday, January 8, at its regularly scheduled meeting, the Executive Committee met and voted unanimously not to consider reopening the contract at this time. The Executive Committee has said a resounding no to any more take backs for our members and our union. It was also agreed that members of the Day Contract Team will visit any and all of our chapters at their regularly scheduled chapter meetings to discuss the issues you have raised and get feedback from our members. If your chapter is interested in having Day Team members visit the Mass Bay Chapter, please contact Rick Doud, Katie D'Urso, and Joe LeBlanc. All of us in MCCC leadership look forward to, and understand, the importance of such dialogue.


In solidarity,


Diana (Donnie) McGee
MCCC Vice President & SAC Chair
     Cell: 508.415.1513

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