Our webmaster is currently working on a FAQs page which will help answer questions from our members about their rights and responsibilities, as well as questions about our organization and its numerous partners. Until this page is up and running, please use this glossary.

Your input is greatly encouraged. Should you have a list of questions (with or without answers!) or some suggestions, please kindly forward such to Pat, our webmaster. Thank you.

The glossary below was provided by Margaret Wong

Frequently Used Acronyms

AFSCME   American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

AFT   American Federation of Teachers

ARRA   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (a.k.a. the "Stimulus Package")

BHE   Board of Higher Education

BOD   Board of Directors

BOT   Board of Trustees

DCE   Division of Continuing Education

DE MACER   Distance Education Management Association Committee on Employee Relations

DHE   Department of Higher Education (Formerly the BHE)

GPO   Government Pension Offset

HR   Human Resources

HRCMS   Human Resource Compensation Management System Information

MACER   Management Association Committee on Employee Relations

MCCC   Massachusetts Community College Council

MCCS   Massachusetts Community College System

MFT   Massachusetts Federation of Teachers

MSCA   Massachusetts State College Association

MTA   Massachusetts Teachers Association

NCHE   National Council of Higher Education

NEA   National Education Association

ORP   Optional Retirement Plan

PHENOM   Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts

QCCPA   Quinsigamond Community College Professional Association

RA   Representative Assembly

SAC   Strategic Action Committee

UPPC   Unit Personnel Practices Committee

WEP   Windfall Elimination Provision

CAS   Clarification Petition

MLRC   Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission

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