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Strategic Action Update--Meeting with Senator Harriette Chandler

The chapter really turned out to meet with State Senator Harriette Chandler

Senator Chandler's Visit

Senator Chandler listened attentively while more than 20 QCCPA members--full-time faculty, part-time faculty and professional staff--and an AFSCME member, described the issues we face. Among those mentioned: full-time faculty falling behind peer institutions in other states (a promise of funding made in exchange for taking on a 5th course), heavy reliance of campuses on part-time faculty because of chronic underfunding, the added cost of health insurance co-pays and deductibles, and the incredible workload created by large classes and large advisee loads.

During the meeting we learned that the funding for the higher education contracts was not included in the supplemental bill being introduced in the Senate (it was also absent from the recent supplemental budget bill in the House). The reason? Reopener clauses in the union contracts could be invoked if one achieves a raise. In this instance, MCCC has declined to reopen the contract to give concessions that some other unions have, thus making our contracted increases higher than those of other unions.

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MCCC/MTA/NEA Notice of DCE Contract Ratification

Important Notice for All Adjunct Faculty

The contract ratification vote on the tentative collective bargaining agreement between the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) unit of the Massachusetts Community College Council/MTA/NEA (“Association”) and the Board of Higher Education/Council of Community College Presidents shall be conducted by mail ballot.

All materials, including the ballot, were mailed directly to all unit members during the week of November 16th, 2009. In the event you that you are a MCCC DCE bargaining unit member and you do not receive a mail ballot, contact the MCCC Office at (508) 890-6688. All ballots must be sealed in the proper envelope and received in the MCCC Office before 4:00 p.m. on December 10, 2009.

The proposed agreement contains an agency fee provision. If the Agreement is ratified by a majority of those voting, the agency fee provision will require each bargaining unit member who elects not to join or to maintain membership in the Association to pay the Association, on an annual basis, an agency fee as a condition of employment. The amount of agency fee for the 2009-2010 membership year is $206.01 for DCE instructors earning $6,000 or more per membership year, and $139.58 for those earning less than $6,000 per membership year. The membership year is July 1 – June 30.

The ratification vote is open to all employees in the DCE bargaining unit who are covered by the proposed Agreement, regardless of their membership or non-membership in the Association. All employees in the bargaining unit are eligible to vote by secret ballot.

All sealed ballots will be opened and tabulated at the MCCC Office on December 10, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. All members of the bargaining unit are welcome to observe.

The Association’s most recent financial report, in the form of a balance sheet, is available for inspection during regular business hours at the MCCC Office. The current collective bargaining agreement as well as the proposed agreement are available on the MCCC website.

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DCE Ratification

For statewide distribution

As you know, we have a DCE Tentative Agreement. The "TA" and accompanying ratification materials are at the printers and will be mailed to DCE unit members' homes by the end of this week. Ratification ballots are due at the MCCC office by Thursday, Dec. 10 at 4 p.m.

DCE Team Chair Diana Yohe (Bristol) and team members will be visiting colleges to provide an overview of the TA and to answer questions. Several area cluster meetings have been organized for this week: Southeast (Bristol) today at 4 p.m.; Western (Holyoke) Thursday at 4 p.m. and Central (Quinsigamond) Friday at 4 p.m.

To arrange for a visit to your college, chapter presidents are encouraged to contact Diana directly

Attached are copies of the team's cover letter and the "Memorandum of Agreement that provide a detailed overview of the TA.

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Regional Informational Meeting

O’Connor’s Restaurant - Friday, November 20, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.

Appetizer will be provided. The meeting will start at 4:00, so come early to get food and drink and find a good spot to settle yourself.

Unit members from QCC and Mount Wachusett Community College, teaching in the Division of Continuing Education (DCE), are invited to attend. Come find out more and ask questions about the new DCE Tentative Agreement.

Diana Yohe, Chair of the DCE Bargaining Team, will be presenting on and taking questions about the new TA. Team member, Betsy Smith, and possibly other members of DCE Bargaining Team will also be on hand to speak with you.

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2009 MTA Higher Education Conference

Sheraton Hotel, Framingham, MA - December 4 and 5, 2009
To register and find out more about the conference, visit this link.

Some Background: this is the first conference of its kind, sponsored by the MTA. The Higher Education affiliates of the MTA have been trying for years to get the largely K-12-focused MTA to support and devote more attention to Higher Education issues. The conference is one result of this lobbying effort. If members of the QCCPA attend this conference in significant numbers, we will be able demonstrates to our parent organizations, the MCCC and MTA, that our chapter is a force to reckon with, and our local issues deserving to be supported by the considerable resources that the MTA and MCCC have access to.

The Good News: The QCCPA will pay for the registration fee of $25, and the MCCC will pay for the hotel room of $50 (double occupancy). The MTA is subsidizing the rest of the cost. Dinner on Friday night (Dec. 4) and breakfast and lunch on Saturday (Dec. 5) will be provided. If you take on a roommate, the conference, which includes the one night at the Sheraton Hotel, will not cost you anything. If you want a room to yourself, the total cost to you is $50.

If you are interested in attending, you should go here to register. You will need to pay for the conference up front. Upon completion of the conference and proof of your attendance, $75 will be reimbursed to you.

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Followup: Make up of the UPPC

Primarily of interest to those governed by the Day Contract

As you know from the minutes of the March unit meeting or attendance of the same, a motion was presented and passed by members present to limit the membership of the Unit Personnel Practices Committee (UPPC) to tenured members only. Because this is contrary to the contract, I asked MTA Representative Katie D'Urso and MCCC Statewide Grievance Coordinator about the legality of this motion. Their responses were unequivocal.

Katie writes: "The chapter cannot unilaterally enact rules that are contrary to the contract. . . . The chapter is not authorized to modify the collective bargaining agreement, only the MCCC bargaining team can do that."

Dennis writes: "Unit members cannot unilaterally enact rules that are contrary to the contract. The contract is clear that only unit members who are eligible for tenure cannot serve on the UPPC in the year of eligibility. This is the only restriction; therefore, all other unit members whether of not they have tenure are eligible to be elected to the UPPC. The motion to limit membership on the UPPC is in violation of the contract and charges of failure to represent could be filed by unit members who may be adversely affected by the motion. If the chapter wants to change the contract to limit membership on UPPC to tenured unit members, then it has to be done through collective bargaining for the next contract."

We will re-visit this motion at the May unit meeting.

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College raises attacked - Administrators feel teachers’ scorn

Take a look at this article by Shaun Sutner in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

For the last few years, Worcester State College senior Jack Wilson has trekked to Beacon Hill to press lawmakers to increase funding for public higher education. Continue reading...

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State budget update

For statewide distribution

The recession is hitting the Commonwealth and the nation hard. This is creating horrific budget challenges for the next fiscal year, and legislators will be forced to slash the FY10 budget by $4.2 billion or more. The Rainy Day Fund began the year with $2.1 billion will likely end the fiscal year with $1.3 billion or less. State tax collections plummeted by 16 percent in March compared to a year ago. Nine months into this fiscal year, tax receipts are down by $978 billion or 6.8 percent.

As the legislature begins to draft its budget, we have been following two critically-important issues: college budgets and the Governor's proposal to increase our health insurance contribution rates. When House Ways and Means releases its budget later this week, we expect the following news:

Higher Education budgets: The Governor's House 1 budget proposes a 16.5 percent cut to community colleges. We also expect the House Ways and Means Committee's budget to cut higher education drastically; however, by the end of this budget season, we expect sufficient legislative funding to trigger the release of federal stimulus funds. This would bring college budgets to FY '09 levels before 9C cuts. This would indeed be good news in context of the worst economic crisis in a generation.

Health insurance: We expect the House Ways and Means Committee's budget to include a proposal to increase our health insurance contribution rates to 75/25 or even 70/30 percent. At least 87 state reps have signed on to work with Rep. Marty Walsh, D-Dorchester, to fight this issue. A budget amendment will be filed and the House will debate this issue before it passes its budget. Watch for bulletins to lobby your representative. We will do everything in our power to fight back this attack on our members.

Thanks for your contributions to date. Your grassroots efforts in support of your union are much-appreciated and will be critical to our success. Stay tuned for further updates.

In solidarity,
Joe LeBlanc and Donnie McGee

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NEA delegates election

We have received the results of the NEA Delegates Election, click on this link to view the results. If you find the image too small, try clicking on the image to make it bigger.

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In hack musical chairs, no pol gets eliminated

Take a look at this article by Howie Carr in the Boston Herald

It’s hack musical chairs - the new game on Beacon Hill. Just keep shuffling the deck, keep movin’ ’em around. And if there’s no new payroll to shift your coat-holders to, then just give ’em fancy new job titles, and then you can raise their salaries, too. Continue reading...

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