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Date Subject
4/5/12 [QCCPA] 2013-2015 Day Contract Info
3/31/12 [QCCPA] For Statewide Distribution; MCCC/MTA/NEA election results
3/29/12 [QCCPA] Legislative Breakfast, Next Tuesday, April 3rd 7:30am to 9:15am
3/26/12 [QCCPA] For Statewide Distribution
3/14/12 [QCCPA] Delegates to MCCC DA, MTA DA, NEA RA
3/13/12 [QCCPA] For Statewide Distribution: Rethinking Scott Brown
3/11/12 [QCCPA] For Statewide Distribution: Day Bargaining Update, MCCC Delegate Assembly, and more
2/27/12 [QCCPA] Reminder: Weds Feb 29 3pm meeting on Affirmative Action / Sexual Harassment
2/21/12 [QCCPA] For Statewide Distribution



A delayed thank you to the Bylaws Committee for their hard work amending our Bylaws to incorporate the change at the state level allowing one whole vote for adjunct professors.  This was our group’s first major task and we did a great job.

Click here for a clean copy of the Bylaws incorporating the changes announced on November 21, 2011. 

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 President's Report April 2012